River Valley Wrestling


Congrats to all the River Valley wrestlers.  You had a great season.  Remember that a great season is not determined by wins and losses alone.  Remember the small goals you attained.  Lastly, remember to do something everyday to get better for next year.  The more lumps you take, the more you give out later!

My heart goes out to all the athletes who were ready to compete in their respective national tournaments  Especially all the seniors.  No matter what winter sport you are in for Pro’s, College, or High School it is hard to take.

As always, please dig through your old VHS tapes and let me know if you find any WIAA State Wrestling video’s that were broadcast live.  I’m especially looking for the 1979 State Tournament.

Stay safe and healthy.

Don’t forget, all the videos are still on here.  They are just in the archives section.  Click on videos above, then “Go to archives” to see all of them.


This year for our Youth Wrestling Program we will have online registration.  Follow the link below to register your Youth Wrestler. Let me know if you have any questions.